Thursday, May 1, 2014

Challenge completed

About 2 months ago I saw a post on about the 30 days of biking challenge.  The concept is simple.  Ride your bike very day for the month of April.  I had my ups and downs but it was a great experience.  While I didn't get to ride as much dirt and single track as I would have liked, I still hit 3 new to me trails and totaled 175 miles of riding.  The best part of it all, I want to get back on the bike and ride today.

Day 29 and 30 were mix of heavy rain and wind made my urban riding a little interesting.  But even on the worst weather day getting on the bike even for a spin around the block was almost zen like.  To echo another post on I learned a lot over the last 30 days.

1.  The cold wind snow and rain are just excuses to stay on the couch.  I still don't like riding in the rain but over all this challenge has made me a lot less of a fair weather biker.

2.  Even on the day you are dreading getting on the bike once your moving everything seems to go away and its really not so bad.

3.  I'm a much better rider now.  There were times I would bail out on hills or not push myself to try something new.  Now I sit down and follow the brand Niner's slogan "pedal damn it."   Sure there were more then a few times my legs were on fire but their was always a cold beer in the fridge waiting for that extra little push.

End of day 30, 175 miles. and I still like riding

In an ode to my good friend Stephanie at My reward dinner;
Montreal seasoned buggers with homemade pickes, homemade cajun chips, grilled asparagus, and a nice cold beer.

I will keep the blog updated as I keep riding.  The first slow roll of the year is this evening.

Go for a ride you'll be glad you did,

Monday, April 28, 2014

Week 4

Another week in the books.  Didn't get nearly as many miles in as I would have liked.  Had a few family things going on so that cut along with the weather cut into riding time.  The end is in sight only 2 more days left in the challenge.  I can say that so far it has made me much less of a fair weather biker.  Still don't like biking in the rain but cooler temps are not so bad.

Photos form last week;

A few brand new GE locomotives waiting for their ride at the Erie PA Docks

Exploring some single track in Asbury Woods

Sunrise today.

only 2 days to go almost there,

Monday, April 21, 2014

Week 3

After 2 spins around the block to avoid the rain and cold I got in some much needed longer rides Thursday and Sunday.  My legs are feeling it today but over all it was a great week of riding.  So far I've ridden Right around 150 miles for the challenge.  9 more days to go and on May 1 going to be the first slow roll in Eire.  Perfect way to end the challenge.


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day 18

Cassie and I went out for a nice evening ride yesterday.  Got to watch the sunset over Presque Isle bay in Erie.


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Day 17

With the day off and the weather almost perfect I headed out on a longer ride today.  There is a local park with some single track and I would like to leave my house ride there then ride around and come home.  Figured today was a good day to at least ride to the park.

The ride out was smooth with no major issues I decided to get in a quick dirt ride while I was there.  The schwalbe big apples that I run on the pavement did surprisingly well in the dirt.  Most the trails were quite wet from the rain and snow we had earlier in the week so I keep the ride shot.

Right after getting back on the pavement I hear the sound of air escaping one of my tires.  I look down and my rear is flat.  Oh well first real issue of the 30 days of biking challenge.  Luckily I keep a spare tube and a Park tools mini pump in my Camelbak pack.

After a quick roadside swap I was on my way again.  t All in all a great day with just under 20 miles of riding.  A little Urban, a quick spin on some dirt and event tied in and errand depositing a check at the bank.

#30daysofbiking Day 17

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Day 9

Sunrise on Day 9

Week 2

I know its been a few days but life has been a bit busy.  Cassie and I rode together both Saturday and Sunday in great weather.  My Monday morning ride was more of the same high 60s perfect for biking.  Spring has finally sprung in Erie PA.  Well maybe, today's ride was in a balmy 33 degrees with rain.  Just a quick spin around the block.

At the halfway point of the Challenge I have logged 80 miles, explored two new trails and ridden in less then ideal conditions  15 days to go.